(Solution Download) 1 Identify the various sources of stress i e stressors that

1. Identify the various sources of stress (i.e., stressors) that the Japanese manager in the first segment likely experiences each day. Does he do anything to try to manage his stress?
2. What conditions led up to the karoshi death of Yoshika?

Stress from overwork has become an epidemic in Japan. This video program consists of two segments that illustrate the degree to which some Japanese employees are overworked, as well as the consequences of their overwork. The first segment follows a typical day of a Japanese manager, from his two-hour morning commute to his late night working hours. The program also shows that he is under constant pressure to improve efficiency and experiences a heavy burden and responsibility to do better. The second segment describes how karoshi ?death from overwork?took the life of 23-year-old Yoshika. It reconstructs Yoshika?s work life as a graphic artist up to the time when she died suddenly on the job due to a brain hemorrhage.


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