(Solution Download) 1 Identify three leadership traits in which Michelle Rhee score

1. Identify three leadership traits in which Michelle Rhee scores high or low and cite your evidence.
2. What recommendations can you offer Rhee to help her become an even more effective leader?
3. How would you classify Rhee?s leadership style, using one or more of the styles presented in this chapter?
4. Assume that Rhee held a leadership position in your field of interest. Explain whether you would enjoy working for her.

Michelle Rhee took over responsibility for the 144 schools in Washington D.C. in June 2007, when Mayor Adrian Fenty appointed her Chancellor, District of Columbia Public Schools. Her appointment stunned people connected with the D.C. school system. Age 37 at the time, Rhee had no experience running a school. The challenge seemed overwhelming with 45,000 students who collectively ranked last in math among 11 urban school systems. Within two years of becoming chancellor, Rhee was hated by teachers and feared by principals.


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