(Solution Download) If the following half cells are the right hand electrode in a

If the following half-cells are the right-hand electrode in a galvanic cell with a standard hydrogen electrode on the left, calculate the cell potential. If the cell were shorted, indicate whether the electrodes shown would act as an anode or a cathode.
(a) Ni | Ni2+(0.0883 M)
(b) Ag | AgI(sat'd), KI(0.0898 M)
(c) Pt | O2(780 torr), HCl(2.50 × 10-4 M)
(d) Pt | Sn2+(0.0893 M), Sn4+(0.215 M)
(e) Ag | Ag(S2O3)23-(0.00891 M), Na2S2O3(0.1035 M)


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