(Solution Download) If there are n seeds each sprouts and grows to

If there are n seeds, each sprouts and grows to a size s = 100/n. An adult of size 5 produces s - 0.5 seeds.
Crowded plants grow to smaller size. Smaller plants make fewer seeds. The following describe the dynamics of a population described by n, the total number of seeds, and s, the size of the adult produced. In each case,
a. Start from n = 20.0 and find the total number of seeds for the next 2 yr (if the number of seeds per plant is a fraction, don't worry. Just think of it as an average).
b. Write the discrete-time dynamical system for the number of seeds.
c. Find the equilibrium number of seeds.
d. Graph the updating function and cobweb.
e. How does this result relate to the stability condition?


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