(Solution Download) If water leaves the nozzle of a Problem 4 25 a b Problem

If water leaves the nozzle of
a) Problem 4.25 a
b) Problem 4.25 b
c) Problem 4.25 c and exits to the atmosphere at 0 kPa gage, estimate the gage pressure of the water upstream where ?1 = 8 m/s. Use the information given in Problem 4.25.
In problem 4.25
Water enters a nozzle at 8 m/s and exits to the atmosphere, as shown in Fig. 4.48. Calculate the velocity ?2 of the water at the exit if
a) d1 = 4 cm,
b) d1 = 6 cm,
c) d1 = 8 cm. Assume the water to be incompressible.
Figure 4.48


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