(Solution Download) If you have not done so already use the Customers

If you have not done so already, use the Customers table in the BSN database that accompanies this book and the directions in this chapter to create the form in Figure. Make sure that you reformat the default positions of the various textboxes as shown in the figure. Now add a subform of customer invoices to your form so that it looks like Figure. To do this, open your initial form in design view, select the subform tool from the Toolbox Controls, and add a subform. Answer the questions for the Subform Wizard to select the Invoices table. When you have completed these tasks, also do the following:
a. Use the navigation bar of the main form to go to the last record in the Customers table.
Print the form for this record.
b. Use the navigation bar of the main form to find a record with invoices. Then use the navigation bar of the subform to select a particular invoice. Which one did you select? Print thisform.


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