(Solution Download) If you use the Internet have you ever paid to

If you use the Internet, have you ever paid to access or download music? This was one of the questions of interest in a recent Pew Internet & American Life Project Survey (October 2010). Telephone interviews were conducted on a representative sample of 1,003 adults living in the United States. For this sample, 248 adults stated that they do not use the Internet, 249 revealed that they use the Internet but have never paid to download music, and the remainder (506 adults) admitted that they use the Internet and have paid to download music. The results are summarized in the Minitab pie chart shown.

If you use the Internet, have you ever paid to
a. According to the pie chart, what proportion of the sample use the Internet and pay to download music? Verify the accuracy of this proportion using the survey results.
b. Now consider only the 755 adults in the sample that use the Internet. Create a graph that compares the proportions of these adults that pay to download music with the proportion that do not pay to download music.


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