(Solution Download) If you were Bob Stevens what would you do and

If you were Bob Stevens, what would you do and why?

As the students of Class 35 of the Marberry Executive MBA program straggled into the classroom for their one-day workshop on business ethics, they stopped by the front set of seats to drop off their written assignments. Professor Stevens chatted with a couple of the members of the group while lining up his stack of cases and videos for the day?s work. Just as the clock reached 8:00 a.m., the appointed time for the workshop to begin, Max Snell stopped and casually asked, ?Gee, Professor Stevens, our study group did the case write-ups as a group effort. We weren?t sure that was correct. Was it?? Taken a bit by surprise, because the written assignment was to be done by each student individually, Professor Stevens replied, ?Just drop your paper on the pile and I?ll look at it later.?


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