(Solution Download) If you were in Georgina s position what would you put

If you were in Georgina?s position, what would you put in your report? What benefits do you think that she could bring to the company?

Albert Hamerson is Managing Director of his family firm of builders? merchants. He is the third generation to run the company and is keen for his daughter, Georgina, to join him when she leaves university. Georgina is also keen to join the company, but she is not sure what kind of job she wants. Hamerson and Partners is essentially a wholesaler. They buy 17,000 different products from 1,100 manufacturers and importers, including all the usual materials needed by builders. Their main customers are small building firms, but they have some long-term contracts with bigger organisations, and many one-off and DIY customers. The company works from four sites around Dublin and Cork and employs over 300 people.


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