(Solution Download) The phosphorus tri halides PX3 show the following variations in the

The phosphorus tri-halides (PX3) show the following variations in the bond angle X-P-X: PF3, 100.3o, PCl3, PBr3, 101.0o PI3, 102.0o. The trend is generally attributed to the change in the electro-negativity of the halogen.
(a) Assuming that all electron domains are the same size, what value of the angle is predicted by the VSEPR model?
(b) What is the general trend in the X-P-X angle as the halide electro-negativity increases?
(c) Using the VSEPR model, explain the observed trend in X-P-X angle as the electro-negativity of X changes.
(d) Based on your answer to part (c), predict the structure of PBrCl4.


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