(Solution Download) Problem 6.11

A statistical analysis of 1,000 long-distance telephone calls made from the headquarters of Bricks and Clicks Computer Corporation indicates that the length of these call sis normally distributed with a mean of 240 seconds and standard deviation of 40 seconds.


e) What is the length of a particular call if only 1% of all calls are shorter?


6.10 A set of final examinations grades in an introductory statistics course was found to be normally distributed with a mean of 73 and a standard deviation of 8.


d)Only 5% of the students taking the test scored higher than what grade?


e)If the professor grades on a curve (gives A�s to the top 10% of the class regardless of the score). Are you better off with a grade of 81 on this exam or a grade of 68 on a different exam where the mean is 62 and the standard deviation is 3? Show your answers statistically and explain.38971.7349542014


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