(Solution Download) newtons laws

A student has tied together two sleds with a rope. Two of his friends, with masses of 55.0 kg and 60.0 kg, are riding in the sleds, one in each (55.0 kg in the back, 60.0 kg in the front). The student uses another rope to pull the sleds with a horizontal force of magnitude 230 N. The sleds accelerate with a magnitude of 1.02 m/s/s. The front sled experiences a force of friction of magnitude 58.8 N. Assume the masses of the sleds are negligable.


a) What is the frictional force on the back sled?


b) What is the tension in the rope connecting the sleds?


c) The student pulling the sleds starts from rest, runs for 3.00s and then lets the sleds go. How far will the sleds travel after he lets them go?


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