(Solution Document) Question 4 The correct units of specific heat, c are calories (cal) joules (J) c

Question 4 The correct units of specific heat, c are

calories (cal)
joules (J)
cal/(g °?C)
(J kg)/°C

  Flag this Question Question 5 The transfer of thermal energy is the definition of
Specific Heat
Thermal Energy

Question 1: An irregularly shaped object that weighs 50 N is immersed in water. The weight of the water displaced by the object is 20 N. What is the Buoyant force acting on the water?

30 N
20 N
15 N
10 N
7.5 N

Flag this QuestionQuestion 2: A certain object has a volume of 12.5 cm3 and a density of 3.65 g/cm3 . What is the mass of the object?

45.6 g
3.42 g
0.292 g
0.00187 g
0.257 g

Question 3
An object that is more dense than water can never be formed into any shape that will allow it to float.


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