(Solution Document) 1. Which of the following is an era in the geologic timescale?

1. Which of the following is an era in the geologic timescale?

Select one:

a. Mesozoic

b. Jurassic

c. Permian

d. Tertiary

e. Cambrian

2. What types of structures have the same function but do not share a common ancestry?

Select one:

a. homologous structures

b. parallel structures

c. analogous structures

d. divergent structures

e. cladistic structures

3. Studying ________ means you are looking at the diversity of organisms at all levels of biological organization.

Select one:

a. homology

b. speciation

c. systematics

d. analogy

e. taxonomy

4. All of the following would be placed in the Domain Eukarya except _________.

Select one:

a. Protists

b. Fungi

c. Animals

d. Bacteria

e. Plants

5. Based on the theory of Louis and Walter Alvarez, what likely caused the extinction of the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous?

Select one:

a. climate change

b. volcanic activity

c. meteorite impact

d. massive mudslides

e. early human activity

6. Which of the following taxonomic levels is the most inclusive?

Select one:

a. genus

b. class

c. species

d. order

e. phylum

7. What theory describes the movement of the Earth's crust?

Select one:

a. convergent movement

b. plate tectonics

c. divergent movement

d. the transformation theory

e. continental spreading


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