(Solution Document) I need help with this java programming assignment. I need a functional java prog

I need help with this java programming assignment. I need a functional java program that I can run in my compiler (Netbeans) that allows you to control a running back with the arrow keys and avoid opposing players to get to the endzone and score. It should be similar to the attached images.

  • use static variables and methods only if needed
  • encapsulation: make sure you protect your class variables and provide access to them though methods
  • follow the class structure below with some allowable variations in layout, variable naming and more classes (not less).

Graphics Requirements

  • Start with a simple class with the main method.
    • the only thing this class will do is to create the first JFrame
    • then the Frame class will create the first Panel
  • Use Listeners as specified in the lesson:
    • using the 1-2-3 rule: (1) "implement a Listener interface", (2) implement the abstract methods, and (3) add a Listener
  • It needs to use the class Timer as it is described in the lesson


The objective of this assignment is to create a game in which the running back has to carry the ball to the goal line. 

  1. The tackles will move constantly (using the timer) in pursuit of the running back
  2. The running back movements will be controled by the keyboard 
  3. The actual score (touchdowns and missed attempts) has to be shown.
  4. Implement a JSlider to set the speed of the game 
  5. Implement choices for the runninback team (at least 3 different choices).
  6. add more functionality for extra points


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