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Designing secure software  and php

Part 1 memo

Your manager is becoming a little anxious. Time is elapsing, and she wants to see the new system up and operational. She asks, "What's with all the testing?" You explain to her that the system must still undergo a final security review. As she's done in the past, she asks you to provide a memo that clarifies the purpose behind this additional security measure. Complete the following assignment:

Using the recommendations covered in your textbook, write a ½ page memo summarizing a final security review that answers the following questions:

What is a final security review?

Why is this review so important?

What are some of the outcomes resulting from this review and how are these outcomes addressed?

Be sure to cite any sources.

Your memo should be professionally written and should not simply be a restating or paraphrasing of the sources researched or the textbook.

Part 2 questions

2. How can the CIA triad of security be applied to an organization and not just a single system? Give examples to support your position.

3. What are some of the legal issues involved with privacy data? List at least three of these issues and the type of system that would need to consider legal use of the data associated with the issue.

5. What privacy issues should be considered with the employee access to software systems even when the software is housed within the organization?

8. What are key factors involved in assessing the importance of a risk? Give examples to justify your ranking.

Part 3 php

Let?s practice creating a sticky HTML form and inserting its data into a database. In week 4 we covered chapter 12, Intro to Databases, in which you worked with a PHP file named add_entry.php that submits form data to a MySQL database. The file is started in the ?Inserting Data into a Database? section of Chapter 12.

Your task is to modify add_entry.php to make the form sticky (the form ?remembers? how you filled it out).

Note: It?s very important that you review Chapter 12 (covered in week 4) and go through the entire chapter 8 and complete all the activities in the chapter before you attempt this assignment.

Submit the modified add_entry.php script along with any supporting files (if applicable) as a zipped file.


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