(Solution Document) Each response should be a paragraph or two and should include a concept definiti

Each response should be a paragraph or two and should include a concept definition, where, why, how they are important or used in managing a business.

  • 1.  Explain what calculating the time value of money does.
  • 2.  What is the difference between effective rate and stated rate?
  • 3.  Explain the relationship between inflation and the time value of money.
  • 4.  Give two examples of using annuities.
  • 5.  Other than the obvious (that one is a payment you make and one is your savings amount) explain the differences in how a mortgage is calculated vs. how the monthly amount you want to save for retirement is calculated.
  • 6.  What impact does time period have on an annuity?
  • 7.  What are the things that can be done to increase a FICO score.
  • 8.  Why is it important to consider the cost of long term capital expenditures when they reside on the balance sheet?
  • 9.  Describe the steps in creating a capital budget.
  • 10.  Explain the various situations where each one of the six techniques for capital budgeting would be the best one to utilize.  (Note you need to come up with a situation for each one of the six techniques).
  • 11.  What can you do to manage risk?
  • 12.  What is a financial plan?
  • 13.  Discuss the factors that can have a negative effect on a retirement plan.
  • 14.  Can these factors be managed?   


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