(Solution Document) Management Principles 1) Briefly outline the 'Suggestions for Motivating Employees ', as presented by the authors in the text .

Management Principles

1) Briefly outline the 'Suggestions for Motivating Employees', as presented by the authors in the text. Make sure to provide enough explanation and detail to show that you have read and understood the material.  

2) Trust is a crucial element in leadership. Define TRUST, explain why it is so important, and explain the five dimensions of trust.

3) Vroom's EXPECTANCY THEORY is perhaps the most useful and practical theory of motivation. However, the language it uses is very difficult to understand. Explain what this EXPECTANCY theory is all about. Do you agree with the theory? Why or why not?

4) Discuss the reasons why people resist change. Explain how employers/organizations can help employees accept change.

5) Outline and explain the types of control presented in the chapter on Foundations of Control.


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