(Solution Document) Welty's "A Worn Path". Write precise, well-developed sentence that states as fully as possible the theme of the story. Remember to avoid...

Welty's "A Worn Path".

1.  Write precise, well-developed sentence that states as fully as possible the theme of the story.  Remember to avoid clichés or oversimplification.

Although the various obstacles on her way to the town fills the whole atmosphere with heaviness, Phoenix's optimism and doughtiness inside her small body make her keep on toward the final goal just like black people still have a long way to walk for fighting for the liberation and equality after the Civil War and we also learn that pain and depression in our life make us stronger as long as we have love in our heart.

Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants".

4. Much of the conversation seems to be about trivial things (ordering drinks, the weather, and so on).  What purposes does this conversation serve?  What relevance has the girl's remark about absinthe?

According to the story, the couple are in the room, dancing around the elephant, and talking about inconsequential topics. The lack of importance in the couple's conversation reflects the couple's relationship is inferred to be very secretive, and it also shows an insincere and very superficial drawing to the conclusion that the couple only pays attention to surface things. Through their conversation, the women always avoid important issue when the man, instead, the choose to talk about little stuffs. When they are trying the "Anis del Toro drink," she makes the remark of the drink reminding her of absinthe to further reiterate the fact: Alcohol is clouding their judgement, and making it harder to focus on the important issue, which is the abortion.  

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