How do I Register and Place my First Order?

Making your first order with us is easy and straight forward. The only thing you need to do is to create your account and Place your Order.  The account will help you keep track and monitor the progress of your order. below are the steps that you need to follow when placing your first order.

1. Register with us by creating your account

Click on the Log In/Register button and fill in the provided fields. once you have created your account, use the email address/username and your password to log in and Place the Order. Key in your username/email address and the password and log in.

2. Place your Order

Once you have created your account and used the details to log in, click on the ORDER button and fill the necessary details of your assignment. Once you have keyed in your assignment details and uploaded any necessary document, complete payment and your order will be completed according to your instructions.

3. Filling in your Order Details

The Order Page has three sections namely: Paper Details, Price Calculation and Payment Info. In the Paper Details section, fill in the details of your assignment including deadline, instructions, number of pages and all other necessary information. In the Price Calculation page, the total cost of your paper will be calculated based on the number of pages, deadline and any other additional feature as indicated. A summary of this will be provided before making payment. In the Payment Info section, you will be redirected to Paypal through which you will be able to complete secure payment using a wide variety of cards. You can complete payment via Paypal using several cards.

Is the Offered Service Secure and Confidential?

essaylux.com is completely secure and confidential. We process all orders with utmost confidentiality and ensures that no information is revealed to any third party. Additionally, we keep your details and identity fully private. All payment details are handled by Paypal, the most secure online payment system presently. This makes all payments secure and safe. 

1. Secure Payment system.

2. Personal Information help private and confidential.

3. Order details kept confidential.

Where is EssayLux Located?

 Essaylux is an online-based company with its headquarters in Manchester, United Kingdom. We process all our orders online and ensure efficient electronic system delivery. All your orders are handled by trained tutors and deliver both to your email address and your account.

How EssayLux Work


We have been able to help thousands of students achieve their academic goals since 2015. We have perfected our art in this and has come up with a robust system that is not only safe and secure but also efficient and complete.
In brief, below is the explanation of how our system works.

1. You Register/Log In to your account and Place your Order

You use the Log In/Register button to Log In to your account or Register for an account with us in case you are a new customer. Once registered, log in with your details. Once Logged in, click on the ORDER button and fill in the order details (Fill in as much information about your assignment as possible). Once you have filled in your assignment details, proceed and complete payment. This will have your order placed and being processed.

2. A Professional and Personal Tutor/Writer is Assigned to your Order

Once an Order is Placed, a professional and highly trained and experienced tutor/writer is assigned to your order. The tutor/writer will be chosen based on their relevant field of expertise and long-term experience. Additionally, their educational background is the first mandatory consideration taken. 

Once a writer/tutor is assigned, your order will be processed based on your instructions and deadline.

3. Order is Processed, Assignment Solution Prepared and Delivered to you

Upon placing your order and completing payment, your order will be done diligently and delivered to both your email address and your essaylux.com account. You will be able to access the completed order through these two options.

Are all the papers free from Plagiarism


All our papers and solutions are 100% original and completely free from plagiarism. We deliver to your expectation and ensure that all papers are authentic and passes all plagiarism checkers and turnitin.


1. 100% original

2. Completely plagiarism free (Guaranteed)

3. Passes all plagiarism checkers and turnitin

The Progressive Delivery and How it Functions

Progressive delivery orders are those which are delivered in parts. These are orders which are divided into several sections and are delivered based on their continuous sections covered. Orders on Progressive Delivery are mostly large orders of many pages and take several days to months. Progressive delivery on such orders allow our clients to check and confirm the quality of each section before successive sections are started. Such a kind of delivery also work for orders which are submitted on different dates but are related and progressive.

However, feel free to request for progressive delivery at any time and whenever you feel like.


The Essaylux Account/Personal Order page

Essaylux.com account allows you to Place Orders and track their progress as well as delivery. This is a platform where you can also view and keep a history of your past orders. 

In order to have an account with us, you need to Register with your email address. Once registered, you can always log in and access the Personal Order Page. 

Registration at essaylux.com is only meant to provide a platform for tracking orders' status and accessing them upon completion.

We do not have any Membership Fees, Recurring Payments or Hidden Charges. 

1. No Membership Fees

2. No Recurring Payments

3. No Hidden Charges